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Bandernet (about): Project Slogan
Bandernet (about): Project Slogan

Bandernet (about): Project Slogan


Bandernet at a glance:

Personal Knowledge Library

Save all kinds of notes, articles, images, video, music, web pages, RSS, etc.
It helps you get organized so you can work more efficiently and save yourself time.


Still the easiest way to collect the web pages you want to get back to later.
All bookmarks have previews with web page screenshots.


Create your own classification.
Tag your items with relevant terms for easy future retrieval.


Organize items by using collections.


Annotate content and apply formatting to your notes with 'Markdown' syntax.

View modes

Organize your world visually and intuitively.
Previews of each item help jog your memory and quickly identify the item you’re looking for.


Share items easily or keep them private.
Public items can be shared by mail and/or social networks.


Enjoy the convenience of the intelligent full-text search.


Find people with common interests and discover the content they share.


Internal RSS-reader as an alternative to visiting Web sites for updates to allow easy scan of several updates in a single place.

If an article, page or image is useful, Bandernet it!

Say goodbye to cluttered browser bookmarks, image files and text snippets. In a few clicks an item becomes a part of your personal repository of useful information: archived, fully searchable and accessible in seconds from all your devices.

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